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Ordering custom furniture for your home can be a daunting task. Once you have finalized the style and dimensions that will work best for your space, the next step in the process is selecting the proper fabric for upholstery. Although this may seem intimidating, there are a few items to consider that will help you make the right choices. Below are our tips on choosing the fabric that is right for you;

What's your style? Although fabrics are a versatile aspect of design, some do work better with some aesthetics than others. For example, if you have selected a classic tufted chesterfield, a rich velvet or cognac leather will look best. If you prefer a more relaxed casual feel, a linen or rustic tweed will help evoke this feeling. 

Fabric that works. Fabrics have come a long way! Most are now made of a synthetic blend or 100% polyester which helps with their overall durability. Some fabrics may be considered "Performance" or "Stain Resistant", yet keep in mind that any fabric made of polyester will also fit within these categories. If you have found the perfect fabric yet are concerned about its longevity or stain resistant quality, adding a an extended warranty or protection plan will give you peace of mind in case of any accidents.

We always suggest choosing the fabric for the largest upholstery piece first (ie. sofa or sectional). There are no rules when it comes to selecting colour, let your personal style shine. However, neutrals tend to be the most popular. If you are planning to choose a neutral hue, add pops with toss pillows in bold prints or accent colours. If you prefer a more monochromatic approach, be sure to use a variation of textures. We always suggest reviewing fabric samples in natural light or better yet, taking the samples home to see them in your own space.

When selecting several fabrics and leathers within a space for multiple pieces of furniture be sure to consider the overall mix. Use a variation of textures, prints and tones to create a dynamic and curated look. That said- there is nothing wrong with upholstering several pieces in the same fabric to create a soothing calm palette. Source inspiration images and see which look appeals to you!

Unsure where to start? Our showroom has many floor models on display in fabrics that have been tested and loved by countless clients. Let our expert design consultants guide you in making the best choice to suit your style and lifestyle.