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There is nothing better than furniture that is equal parts functional and fabulous. One of our favorite pieces to add personality as well as versatility to a space is with accent chairs. Occasional seating is an ideal way to incorporate trends, patterns, and colour into your space while also helping to maximize seating. We have asked out expert designers their favorite ways to have fun with accent chairs, below are our top tips;

What's trending. In homes and fashion, styles and trends are constantly changing and evolving. It can be daunting to commit to something trendy for fear of investing in something that may become passé very quickly. An accent chair is a perfect piece to have fun with and take a bit of a risk. Of the moment details for occasional chairs have been brass accents, boucle texture and rounded silhouettes. Have fun with your accent chair choice and make a bold statement!

Fashion meets Function. Not only are occasional chairs a great way to make a statement, they also serve a practical purpose- additional seating! In a family room, swivel chairs are an ideal way to take the focal point away from the television and create a space for conversation. A compact chair is a great addition to your den or bedroom space to create a cozy nook.

Make it pop! When selecting your larger furniture pieces such as sectionals or sofas, sticking with a neutral is a sure-fire way of ensuring its longevity and versatility. However, when it comes to the accents we encourage you to be bold and add a pop of colour!

A visual break. Open concept layouts have become extremely popular, however it can create a bit of difficulty when it comes to creating division between different spaces in your home. Accent chairs can be a great visual division between a dining and a living space while still serving a purpose!

For more tips for incorporating accent chairs into your space, book an appointment with one of our design consultants today!