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Emily Aitken |

Is your home fully furnished but still lacking that certain je ne sais quoi of the spaces designed by professionals. Although interior designers bring their own unique perspective to the rooms they create, believe it or not, there is a certain formula used when it comes to styling. By incorporating these elements into your home, you can give your rooms that elevated look;

-Decorative trays are an essential. Use this styling staple to corral items like candles, florals, books and décor on your coffee table, countertop, or to ground items on a large console.

-Ignite the senses. Use candles and diffusers to create a beautiful ambiance in your home. Add to your coffee table, entryway and bedside table, bonus points for beautiful packaging or vessels.

-Style for the books. Coffee table books are a great way to add colour and personality. Use them to create height and levels on any surface. Choose books that reflect your interests.

-Fresh or Faux? Florals, branches, fruits and plants are a designer staple to making a home feel lived in. Every room should have at least one green or living element. If you do not want to deal with the maintenance of fresh items, there are great artificial options that will do the trick!

-Don't overlook the Objet. Unique décor items like sculptures and busts may seem unnecessary but by adding a few pieces to your home, you can achieve a well-travelled and curated aesthetic. Choose items that make you smile and align with your personal style.

-Set the mood. Although most homes now come with practical overhead potlights, mood lighting like table lamps are a great way to create ambiance in your home. Use dimmers on main fixtures in your dining, living and bedroom to create a cozy vibe.

-Layer up! Use texture and add pillows, throws and of course area rugs to your space. This will make your home feel warm and inviting. Area rugs that are large enough that all (or in some cases, most) furniture can rest on will make your room feel larger and complete!   

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