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Emily Aitken |

Over the past year, we have all spent much more time at home. This has caused many of us to reflect on our spaces and want to make improvements. When lockdown restrictions lift, we are all anxious to get back into the showroom and find the perfect pieces. With raw material shortages, dwindling stock, and capacity limits, it is important to shop with a plan and be prepared! Below are our tips on shopping efficiently during a pandemic;

-Come prepared. Be sure to bring measurements and pictures of your space shopping with you. This way if you happen to find a floor model or in-stock item, you can take advantage of immediate delivery!

-Keep your expectations realistic. The Covid pandemic has affected literally every industry- including furniture. Due to shortages in raw materials, factories and suppliers working to maintain safe working environments for their employees, and also an influx in demand, there are unfortunate delays. Taking advantage of in-stock or floor model items can ensure efficiency. However if you are looking for custom order pieces, keep in mind, patience will be key.

-Shop safety and efficiently. Although we are all craving a family outing, keep in mind that shops and showrooms are working with capacity restrictions. By shopping alone or with one friend or partner, you can ensure that everyone can shop fast and efficiently. Don't forget to call ahead to make an appointment to guarantee a designer will be available to assist you upon arrival to further expediate the process.

-Do your homework. Before heading to a showroom, utilize the retailers social media platforms and website. Try to get a feel for what pieces you are interested in and call ahead and speak with a designer and have them answer some questions before shopping in-store.

-Utilize in-store services. Our showroom has many talented designers on staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful. These professionals can make design decisions and suggestions that will help make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.