April 15, 2021

This past year, more and more of us have adapted to a remote work life. Although not all of us may have the luxury of a spacious home office, it doesn't mean you shouldn't take pride in your WFH set-up. Below are our tips on making the most of working from home;

-Find your space! A home office doesn't need to have an executive desk to be functional. There are many space saving, double duty furniture pieces that can help you carve out some room to work even in a small condo. A desk can be as simple as a console!

-Take a seat. Be sure to take your time and find an office chair that is not only stylish but comfortable. This will help ensure you can make it from 9-5!

-Stay Inspired. Accent your set-up with accessories, artwork, or an area rug. Find pieces that make you happy and speak to your personal style.

-No shortage on storage. Credenzas, bookcases, and sideboards are great places to hide your office essentials. By keeping your work organized and stored properly, you won't risk work overtaking your home.

-Take a breath! At the end of your workday, light a candle, take a walk, or do some stretches. A routine that signifies the end of the day will help create a nice mental barrier between work and home, even if they are all happening under one roof!

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