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Emily Aitken |

Although every home is unique, all homes consist of the same rooms configured in slightly different ways to create a floorplan. In other words; a formal living room, dining room, family room etc. Over the years floorplans have begun to evolve to reflect our modern lifestyles. Formal, closed-off layouts of the past have been replaced with open concept plans that are more casual and family friendly. However, we have also seen a shift in how these rooms are utilized. Even if your home is not completely custom, that does not mean you cannot furnish your spaces to adapt to your priorities, hobbies and lifestyle. Below are some of the trends we are seeing and how you can adapt these principles to maximize your floorplan to best suite you.

-Not so formal dining. Kitchens tend to be the most used room in the home. When hosting gatherings no matter what the function, everyone tends to gravitate to this space. Open kitchens with ample storage, statement making lighting, oversized islands, and adjacent dining spaces have become the norm. With this, people have begun to rethink the use of their "formal" dining rooms. Why not make this space a cocktail lounge with comfortable swivel chairs, bold artwork and a statement making cocktail table?

-Make it multi-functional. Guest bedrooms are often used sparingly and with some tweaks could become a dual purpose room for your whole family. Sofa beds have come a long way. By incorporating a sofa bed in your guest bedroom you will have more space for multifunctionality. Why not create a den for everyday use, a homework nook for your kids, or a peaceful yoga room. By creating a space with pieces that can easily adjust the options are endless.

-Maximize every inch. A boring hallway or corner on the second floor or basement is a great place to utilize. Instead of filling these spaces with stagnant consoles and accessories why not create a cozy reading corner. By simply adding a bookshelf, a lamp and a cozy reading chair or chaise you can create a space in your home that will inspire you daily.

By thinking outside of the box and embracing your interests and lifestyle you can create a home that truly reflects you. For more tips on home to maximize your space contact one of our design consultants today.