May 04, 2022

Once you enter parenthood it can seem as though you need to make a choice between fashion and function. However, expanding your family does not mean you need to sacrifice style. Follow our below tips on maintaining your aesthetic after kids.

-The function of fabric. Fabrics have come a long way! Most are blended with synthetic materials that ensure longevity. We suggest using performance fabrics with built-in stain resistant qualities.

-Multifunctional multi-taskers. Gone are the days of single use pieces. Choose pieces that have ample storage to stow away toys and other items to create a clutter-free environment.

-Ahead of the curve. When choosing furniture select items with soft shapes and curved lines. This will avoid any future safety concerns. A round coffee table, plush ottomans and upholstered arms are all great options to incorporate.

-The perfect finish. It is important to be realistic about what finishes are durable with children. We encourage leather or vegan leather upholstered chairs for your kitchen or dining space. Wood surfaces with a slight distressing are also an excellent choice.

-Be bold. When you have young children-especially toddlers- you may need to embrace a more minimalist aesthetic when it comes to accessorizing. Invest in an oversized art piece to make a bold statement.

-Rest "insured". On top of all of these fantastic tips we always recommend adding an additional warranty or protection plan. Our 5 year warranty plan covers any accidents and will help give you piece of mind after making a purchase.