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Emily Aitken |

In today's digital world, there is a steady stream of inspiration at our disposal. While having an endless amount of stunning spaces to fawn over can be a fun pass time it can also be extremely overwhelming, especially when you are trying to hone in on your own personal style. Below are our tips on deciphering how to turn inspirational spaces into your own reality:

-Examine your inspiration. Take an overall look at what your are drawn to and try to categorize the overall feeling. Is there a common theme or design element that has some continuity? 

-Is it livable? It's understandable to love the look of an all white ultra modern downtown condo. However, be sure to be realistic if certain design styles have a place in your daily life. If you are concerned about a disconnect between your style and your lifestyle, allow one of our designers to help address this. For example, there are many performance fabric options that will allow for durability without sacrificing style.

-Keep in mind YOUR space. When curating a look, try to look for influence in items you are interested in investing in. In other words, if you have found the perfect image of a space you would like to recreate, be sure that the elements you love about the inspiration are attainable. A sofa, colour scheme, coffee table, or feeling are all feasible items. However, 12' ceilings, a fireplace, and an ocean view may not be.

-Don't be afraid to go against the grain! Sometimes the exact look you are trying to achieve may not exist, and that is okay! Not every design style fits into a perfectly curated box and that is the beauty of personal style. Embrace what you love and fill your home with pieces that you are drawn to and you are sure to create your dream space.