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Emily Aitken |

As the temperatures begin to dip, the changing seasons can be a bittersweet transition. However, we believe by creating a cozy environment and embracing Fall with your home decor, you may start to look forward to the shift. Below are our tips on adding a seasonal flare to your space:

-Add texture! Chunky knit throw blankets, and pillows in faux fur and velvet will help create a cozy look. Perfect for chilly nights in.

-Ignite the senses by adding candles to create the ultimate ambiance. Change up the scents to match the season and further enhance the atmosphere.

-Add a few accent colours inspired by nature. Think rich ochre, terracotta, merlot, emerald and rust. Embrace metallics like copper and brushed brass.

-Layer area rugs to add warmth. Incorporate a fuzzy sheepskin or hide rug onto existing carpets.

-Finally, fill vases, vessels and bowls with branches, gourds and eucalyptus to add natural elements to your space.