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Emily Aitken |

The past year and a half spent at home has lead to a lot of home renovations. Since we saved on travel plans, home has truly become a sanctuary and has led to many people wanting to upgrade their space. Although the end result is always worth it, living through a renovation, especially while working and learning from home, can be stressful for everyone. Below are our tips on surviving a home reno;

-Organization & Preparation are key! Before you begin the renovation process, prepare by purging and packing. If you haven't used an item in some time, sell or donate. Pack away items into clear re-usable bins for easy access.

-Embrace the chaos. Living without a kitchen can make preparing healthy home cooked meals a challenge. A BBQ, air fryer or slow cooker are convenient alternatives to your oven and stove. Order take-out from your favorite local restaurant or have a picnic charcuterie dinner. Use compostable plates and cutlery for easy clean up.

-Designate a safe space. Create an area in your home that helps you escape the renovation. This will help you find your zen during the process. Light a candle, read a book or call and catch up with a friend. 

-Enjoy the process. Take before, during and after photos and videos. This is a great way to embrace the changes and will be a fun way to reflect when your re-design is complete.

-Enlist the help of professionals. Renovations require a lot of decision making. Take advice from trained experts you trust and be sure not to ask too many people for opinions, this can lead to confusion. 

-Take advantage of our In-Home Consultation Service. After your reno is complete, selecting the furnishings and accessories for your home can be a daunting task. Our service is complimentary and will help ensure your vision is completed perfectly.