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MIX MASTER - Zilli Home

Emily Aitken |

We have seen a huge resurgence of warmer hued metals recently. Copper, rose gold and of course, brass, have been trending for several years. Our clients are always asking: Can I mix metals? The answer is yes! In fact, we highly encourage it. Adding some gilded accents to a predominately chrome or silver space can help add warmth and dimension. It also keeps things from getting overly trendy.

Here are some tips to help you master the mix: 

-Stick to no more than three metal finishes

-Choose a dominate metal for your foundational items, and accent with the others

-Space out your metals so they are evenly dispersed throughout your space

-Use an accent such as a piece of art, toss cushion or accessory that incorporates the same tones as the metallic finishes

Our final tip is to not overthink! Decorating should be a fun and creative process. Lastly, use our in store experts to help you master your perfect mix!