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Emily Aitken |

The entrance to your home is an opportunity to make a lasting first impression and therefore should not be overlooked. It should make a statement without sacrificing practicality. No matter the size, below are some of the elements we believe will help you create a striking foyer;

-A place to reflect. A mirror in an entranceway is a must! Whether you can incorporate a full length mirror or a space saving wall mounted version, it is a great place to "check yourself" before leaving the house. Mirrors can also make even the smallest of foyers feel more open and spacious.

-Take a seat. Ideally having a place for guests to remove their shoes is a great addition. It could be as simple as a single ottoman, a sleek bench, or an elegant settee.

-Sleek storage. A credenza with closed storage is super practical for storing seasonal accessories. It can also be a great opportunity to add some drama with a statement making console. Short on space? Choose a console with open shelves and select dual purpose accessories like boxes, bowls and baskets to house your items in a stylish way.

-Pop of personality. Adding a stunning piece of art can add life and style. Choose a piece that incorporates colours from other areas of your home to create flow.